Fitness Rev

I was tasked with designing the visual identity for Fitness Rev, a personal training service that focuses on explosive, controlled movements for functional fitness. The project also included fitness photography, business cards and interactive workout & nutritional meal plans (stationeries and interactive PDF). 


Art Director, Designer 


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects 

Identity Process

The client was very passionate about fitness, specifically functional fitness that involves less machinery and more dynamic movement. This type of training protocol required explosive bursts of energy along with technical finesse.

My initial concepts involved the use of thick, sans-serif typography to establish a bold look that remained modern. I experimented with a variety of italicized typefaces to give the identity visual movement. Although, I also created various icons to demonstrate motion and movement I wanted to give the typography the same visual feeling of movement just in case the client would like to separate them in the future.

Initial designs

Identity Refining

One of the initial designs were selected for refinements. I continued my experimentation with the type treatment. I kerned out the ‘fitness’ and decreased the size to give the logo more contrast. To add further contrast I removed the secondary red tone and replaced it with a rich black.

Final design


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