Naillig Gel Polish

Elegant, calming, modern. I was tasked to produce a logo that would encompass these three things for a gel nail polish brand. The client also voiced the importance of integrating a waterlily as the primary icon.


Art Director and Designer 


Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects 

Initial Direction

Client asks and key notes:

  • A few words to describe the brand: modern, elegant, approachable.
  • Integrate a water lily 
  • Give the ‘G’ a sense of hierarchy
  • Utilize the colour purple

My goal was to produce an identity that the owner would be pleased with but most importantly, reflect the brand. Without overloading the logo I decided to produce initial logos. I experimented with both sans-serif and serif typefaces to establish a modern look. To retain a sense of class and elegance I explored lighter weights.

Initial designs

Identity Refining

With a thinner weight being used, negative space had more of a visual impact. Looking closely at the kerning and space between characters, I balanced and equalized the space and optically balanced ‘Gel Polish’.

On black and white


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