Tap: A Royal Deception

Tap is an interactive storytelling application that immerses the reader through text messages, video calls and phone calls. A Royal Deception is an interactive choose your own path adventure story. Instead of text messages, storybook conventions were implemented to tell the narrative – character dialogue, narration and photography combined with illustrations.  




Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects 

My Role

My duties included sourcing, image manipulation, colour correction and animation. Visual imagery was a significant part of the story – readers could make selections of main characters and ultimately decide the direction of their story. We integrated illustration and animations in order to improve the story visually.

Process and Delivery

A Royal Deception consisted of four parts which included over 40 custom images and animated openers for each part. Throughout the design process we discovered that the implementation of illustrations, along with photo manipulation, would add to the overall quality of the story for the readers. You can download the application and read the story here.

Contact: ajs.sevilla@gmail.com 

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